All officers of the LDS International Society serve voluntarily for varying terms. All have experience in and a commitment to international affairs as well as a commitment to the objectives of the society.

The board of directors of the LDS International Society consists of professionals with international experience and expertise. Many of the board members represent the individual institutions that give support and financial assistance to the society to fund conferences, publications, staff, and other nonprofit organizational expenses. Members of the board serve voluntarily to support the society and its aims.

Robert Griffiths
Elizabeth Crook

Robert Griffiths

Ted Lyon

Cory Leonard

William F. Atkin

Fred W. Axelgard (2015)

John P. (“Phil”) Colton

Lew W. Cramer

Elizabeth Crook (2015)

John Dinkelman (2015)

Francesco DiLillo (2017)

W. Cole Durham

William M. (“Mac”) Epps (2017)

Renata Forste (2017)

Jeannie Griffiths (2017)

Robert Griffiths (2017)

Matt Heiss (2017)

Michael A. Johanson (2017)

Cory W. Leonard

Tomas E. (“Ted”) Lyon (2013)

Derek Miller (2015)

Erlend D. (“Pete”) Peterson

Jeffrey F. Ringer

Robert Snyder (2015)

Jonathon Wood (2015)