Poloski Cordón

Poloski Cordón was born in Guatemala and has worked for the LDS Temple Department since 2001, as area manager, temple recorder, and assistant recorder, with some responsibilities for temples in Mexico and Central America. Previously, Cordón worked in the IT industry as a network manager and as an IT director overseeing IT operations and software development in Central American countries and Puerto Rico. He likes to improve business processes through the use of technology.

Cordón served as a young missionary in El Salvador and as mission president in El Salvador and Belize. He has been involved in starting EFY conferences in Central America and has organized medical and dental brigades for thousands of young people in Guatemala.

He received a BS in information systems engineering, an MBA with emphasis in strategic planning, and is working on his thesis to complete an MA in Information Technology.  Cordón has taught university courses in engineering, administration, and MBA schools. He has also been involved in BYUI Pathway and BYUI Online in Guatemala. He speaks Spanish and English.

Noémi és Imre Hevesi

Noémi és Imre Hevesi is a native of Hungary and currently is in Hungary publishing LDS books. Hevesi is a beta tester of eBook publishing for Deseret Book Company. In 2000–06, she studied marriage, family, and human development at Brigham Young University and graduated with an MS in marriage and family therapy. In 1996–98, Hevesi served in the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission, including four months in the New York Rochester Mission.

Melissa Inouye

Melissa Inouye was raised in Orange County, CA. Inouye’s first experience abroad was as a junior in high school when she received a German-language prize that sent her to study abroad for a summer in Nuremberg, Germany. There she loved learning about German culture from her Bosnian Serb host family. In college, she studied Chinese literature and spent a summer studying Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Inouye served in the Taiwan Kaohsiung Mission, which is also where she met her husband Joseph McMullin. Their common interest in China and in Chinese has led them back to Greater China for either his or her work over the past several years. He has worked for International Bridges to Justice in Hefei, studied law at the Nanjing University School of Law, and eventually took a job at Skadden Arps Hong Kong. They lived in Xiamen from 2009–10, while she completed a PhD dissertation research on the history of the True Jesus Church: The Mormonism of China. When he was tired of being a Hong Kong corporate lawyer, she took a job at the University of Auckland, where she currently teaches Chinese history and he works for a Chinese law firm.