The 22nd annual International Society Conference ended yesterday.  Not a member?   Now its time for you to get busy and start meeting other professionals with international experience and expertise:

1. Go to www.ldsinternationalsociety. org and click on “Create an Account” (upper right-hand corner)

2. Set up a “username and password” and provide an e-mail address.

3. Fill out a brief profile  to authenticate your account.  (This is the “price” of membership.)

4. An e-mail notification will be sent when your account is activated.

5. Once activated, members must return to their account and “Edit Profile” to provide a more detailed profile that will assist in networking on the database. This will include but is not limited to:  Employment, Education, Experience Living Abroad, Language Proficiency, Country Expertise

6. The value of  membership networking lies in the details provided by individual members.  For example, you can search all members living in Asia, expertise in Urdu, or connections in Brazil.