Christel Kalala has recently joined the society. Kalala was born in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and later moved to Vienna, Austria, at the tender age of five. In Vienna, she completed elementary school, mastering the French, Dutch, and German languages. From Austria her family moved to New York City for a summer and finally settled in Toronto, Canada, in 1997, where she learned English and became a Canadian citizen. With a passion for international politics, social justice, and law, she attended York University and completed a BA in political science and economics, with a certificate in law and society. Kalala now works for the government of Canada in the Member of Parliament office and serves as a liaison between its constituents and elected officials. She handles cases of immigration, refugees, and citizenship, often coordinating with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Kalala thrills at helping people, especially being a voice for the voiceless. She is making a warm impact on the world by using her training and experience with political channels, social policies, the law, and humanitarian change.