New Directory Login Procedure

How to Set Up Your Login Using an LDS Account

  1. Click on “Directory Transfer.” You will need to login with your LDS International Society username and password.
  2. You will be taken to the “Directory Form,” which is prefilled in with your basic profile, and you must add your LDS Account username. (If you do not already have an LDS Account, go to and choose “Create an Account.”)
  3. After you submit your LDS Account username on the prefilled form, you will see this message: “Your new directory login is awaiting approval by the site administrator.”
  4. You will be notified by e-mail once an LDS International Society Administrator has transferred your profile to the new directory.

  5.  Directory Transfer

  6. Once you receive your e-mail notification, you may access the new LDS International Society Membership Directory by clicking on “Login” below, using your LDS Account username and password. This will log you in and take you back to the main page, where you may now access “Directory” on the top menu. Within the directory, you may edit your profile details as well as search for other members.

  7. Login