Chika Collins Odoemenam

Chika Collins Odoemenam from Imo State in Nigeria joined the Church in October 2019 and attends the Bwari 1st Ward in Abuja Nigeria with his family. Odoemenam owns Nuella Chika Ventures Limited, which distributes frozen foods and beverages to restaurants and hotels. Previously, he was a sales rep for UAC Foods Nigeria. Odoemenam completed [...]

Elizabeth Shaw Smith

Elizabeth Shaw Smith participated on a panel, “Legal Professionals Making a Difference” in the 2018 annual conference of the International Society. From 2014–16, Smith and her husband E. Gary Smith were called as area legal counsel in the Europe East Area centered in Moscow. For twenty-two years she was a partner in Smith and Smith, [...]

Brian Farr

Brian L. Farr practiced law in both the public and private sectors for nearly forty years including service as chief legal counsel to the governor of the State of Utah and as a division chief in the Utah Attorney General’s office. Farr's international experience commenced in earnest when he and his daughter produced "Voices [...]

Zach Worsley

Zach Worsley has a private dental practice in Texas. During Worsley's undergraduate and dental school education through University of the Pacific, he had many classmates and roommates from various countries throughout the world. He also had further education in business and is currently in a law school program. Worsley served in the Baltic Mission, speaking [...]

Sam Dearden

Sam Dearden currently works for USAID's Bureau of Policy, Planning, and Learning. Previously, Dearden worked with USAID's Office of Food for Peace, supporting emergency food aid to South Sudan, Sudan, and Chad. He is interested in service delivery, food security, and diplomacy, and aims to be a Foreign Service officer. His global experience includes time [...]

31st Annual Conference

POSTPONED The 2020 theme is "Gathering Light and Truth from All Nations," and the conference will be held Monday, 6 April, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at the Hinckley Center. In the teachings of the Restoration, we witness an outpouring of divine light and truth that have blessed the lives of millions as the [...]

Laura Fjerstad

Laura is an undergraduate student of Latin American Studies at BYU. Fjerstad has traveled to Israel twice on religious trips, where she familiarized herself with major religious beliefs surrounding Islam and Judaism. In addition, she volunteered in Mexico as an English teacher and speaks fluent Spanish. Fjerstad hopes to join the Peace Corps post-graduation [...]

Brian McCoy

Brian is currently preparing for a governor-led trade mission to Saudi Arabia. For three years, McCoy worked in Panama as a military intelligence officer and Special Forces team leader. He also served as a member of the U.S. delegation of lawyers and jurists to Cuba on two occasions. Additionally, McCoy was delegated to serve [...]

Ryan Shields

Ryan is currently pursuing an MS in wildlife and wildlands conservation, as part of The Nature Conservancy's (TNC) Blue Bonds initiative, having completed a BS in geography in April, both at Brigham Young University. Shields has also worked with TNC on projects in Kenya, Benin, Dominica, Grenada, and the Dominican Republic. Additionally, he and [...]

Shane Jacobs

Shane Jacobs is a global business advisor for Global Upside, which helps U.S. companies expand into foreign countries. Their professional services help them set up and incorporate in foreign countries, provide ongoing HR, payroll, and accounting services, and help them comply with all local labor, employment, tax, and accounting laws in over 150 countries [...]