Scott Fife has spent the majority of his career working as a global trade expert for a Big 4. Now working in the U.S. for the first time since 2003, Fife’s work is focused on helping clients manage trade disruptions, from the new NAFTA agreement (USMCA) to the trade war with China.

Previously, he worked in China, Korea, and Hong Kong. While in China, the bulk of his work was on customs planning and compliance. He helped companies navigate the complex regulatory requirements to keep operations compliant and to also take advantage of duty and VAT savings opportunities.

While in Korea, his work was on free trade agreements, as well as controversy management, as he managed customs audits for clients.

In Hong Kong, he took on more strategic projects focused on managing risk and taking advantage of opportunities presented through corporate restructuring as well as more general customs strategies around duty management, including free trade agreements, first sale for export programs, and other strategies designed to lower duty costs.