Volha Liudvikouskaya was born in the Soviet Union in 1983. His people were forced to learn/speak Russian at this time, so his parents mostly spoke to him in Russian. When Belarus gained independence in 1990, Liudvikouskaya was seven and began learning Belarussian in school, as well as learning the culture, literature, and customs—all in the Belarussian language.

Liudvikouskaya is fond of traveling and learning about other cultures. He has visited Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia (of course), Germany, and Ukraine, while living in Belarus. He is employed with an MLM company in the pricing department, working closely with local departments and international office staff to ensure products are available for sale as scheduled. He works with countries in Europe, as well as Japan, Bolivia, Paraguay, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, and United Arab Emirates. Liudvikouskaya is majoring in business management (international business emphasis). A business anthropology class helped him to better understand business principals and decisions that were influenced by historical events, as well as to gain cultural exposure (mostly Japanese culture in this class).